So, before I start here is a bit of information about me and why veganism is so important to me (I am also totally getting my period and feeling so hormonal- the passion regarding this issue is totally palpable #sorrynotsorry). I have listed a bunch of points/tips/opinions below! Be warned its highly opinionated and very much my view. 

Find your 'why'! For me when I learnt about the atrocities that happen in the meat, dairy and egg industries I became a vegan the next day. I had never put two and two together, the fact that me eating meat meant someone with a personality, with a heartbeat, with the ability to feel scared had to be murdered, so that I could eat their dead body, I mean YUCK! After turning vegan though, I learnt about all of the other reasons…. Like the HUGE impact animal agriculture has on the planet, did you know more Co2 emissions are produced from animal agriculture than the ENTIRE transport sector worldwide combined! (all planes, cars, trains, trams, buses)?! How crazy is that! Or that 43-46% of ALL plastics in the ocean are from fish nets (lets be real, the whole plastic straw thing is just a cover for a huge problem). Then I delved into the world of health and plant-based diets, I started attending international health conferences with thousands of doctors, scientists, midwives, physiotherapists, pediatricians, midwives, lactation consultants, you name it- all together in the name of research in preventing or reversing chronic disease through a plant-based diet. The research is astronomical, undeniable and insane! As a vegan of over 5 years I am still blown away by what I am constantly learning and by what research is showing us. The direct link to cancer, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, infertility, cardiovascular disease and strokes is absurd! Why are we not shouting about it from the hilltops!? We KNOW with some of the best evidence around that these diseases can be both avoided and cured with diet, but guess what? There is no money in healthy people, that's the tragic truth. 

So, if you are reading this hopefully you two want to change the diet for your health, the animals and the world. Read on for some tips! 

1.) Start by watching the following documentaries, most can be found on Netflix or with an easy Google search. Watch one or two a week, let yourself really absorb the information, the pictures, the facts and research.

List below:

  • Earthlings

  • What the Health

  • Cowspiracy

  • Dominion

  • Forks over knives

  • “Why Dairy is Scary”- Youtube video

  • Okja (this is an incredible film, though not directly related to Veganism the undertones are)

2.) Read the book based “How not to Die” by Michael Greger. He is an incredible man and doctor who *literally* reads every single article published on diet and health every year, and combined the research into this incredible book. 

3.) Make it personal. Go to the doctor, request a full blood count (FBC) and check your own results. There is always room for improvement and well, our blood doesn’t lie. Look over it yourself, do some research and see what needs to be changed. It is also incredibly important to know what vitamins, minerals, and supplements you may need in any diet.

4.) Fake vegan meat is your friend, especially when you begin the transition. It's delicious,  doesn’t have cholesterol, makes for easy meal prep, facilitates the change from meat in an easy way and is available to buy from all major supermarkets.

5.) Surround yourself with similar minded people (or start to). When I first went Vegan I had one friend that went vegan with me, it was a lonely ride at first. Five years ago it was much less common and BOY did I hear about it. You have to grow a thick skin as someone who is living in the minority but years on, the majority of my friends are vegan or vegetarian and to me that's phenomenal! Join social media groups, start following vegan Instagramers, buy some vegan cookbooks and get inspired whilst knowing you are bettering the world and yourself.

6.) Search for vegan cafes and restaurants in your area. There are so many and its ever increasing! Being vegan doesn’t mean eating salad and kale chips (though it can). In the last week, I have eaten burritos, pizza, burgers, and pancakes. Find some go to amazing food, if you are in Sydney, Australia here are some of my favorites that I eat at way too often:

  • Gathered Kitchen (Glebe)

  • Soul Burger (Glebe, Parramatta, and Randwick)

  • Bodhi Bar (Hyde Park)

  • Turtle Thai (Enmore)

  • Nuttie (Drummoyne)

  • Yullis (Surry Hills)

  • Lentil as anything (Newtown)

  • Funky Pies (Bondi)

  • Shift Eatery (Surry Hills)

7.) Do the research yourself about ridiculous claims like “you need meat for protein”. All vegetables have protein with vitamins, fiber, and no cholesterol. I have met top athletes, all performing at their peak since going vegan. A couple of months ago I went to a conference in Berlin and watched an amazing speaker (Patrik Baboumian) the strongest man in Germany who you guessed it, is a vegan!

8.) You will likely lose weight if you have fat to lose, simple. No explanation needed and always a good motivator.

9.) Replace your favorite meals and ingredients with vegan substitutes, don’t try to cut them out altogether. For example:

  • Milk = oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, macadamia milk, coconut milk… anything but breastmilk from a cow!

  • Cheese= Vegan cheese! There are SO many brands, try a bunch until you find one you love

  • Eggs:  For breaky: ’scrambled’ tofu, For cakes: egg replacer (most supermarkets sell this), chia seeds soaked, banana.

10.) Have fun with it. Our health, this planet, and other sentient beings are all we have here, so take care of all those things and be proud in doing it.

Below are some people and brands in this space if you want further knowledge and inspiration!

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