Midwife, perinatal mental health specialist, vegan and healthcare influencer

I’m a midwife, perinatal mental health specialist, vegan and healthcare influencer with a passion for holistic living and driven by a life-long quest to empower women through education. Bumpnbub was established as a destination for existing, new and expecting parents to obtain pregnancy, labour, birth and post pregnancy support and education. 

“My mission is not only to provide education for families, but to also help women know they are not alone in motherhood. Bumpnbub is a community for families to connect and share their pregnancy and parenthood journeys. Bumpnbub shares education and tips on topics including; mental health, breastfeeding, baby wearing, natural living, shopping small, plant-based health, helpful baby and motherhood products/services, conscious parenting and much more!

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How it all started

I was 15 when I experienced my first birth, a family friend knew I was extremely interested in pregnancy/birth and invited me to join her experience - from that day forward, I was hooked! It was her fourth baby, and her labour was all of 45 minutes (and she walked out of the hospital after 4 hours with a baby in her arms), so I assumed this must be how birth is - natural, thrilling and so empowering. I was obsessed! Fast forward and I’m just as intrigued and passionate about pregnancy, birth and motherhood as ever.

When I became a midwife, I watched so many women coming in for care, feeling overwhelmed, anxious and completely lost on where to start. Some women seemed to adopt the idea of ‘ignorance is bliss’, which can make the experience extremely overwhelming and/or traumatising, as when it comes to pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, I believe the only way to be ‘prepared’ mentally and physically is to be as educated as possible.

So I set out to do just that, to create an inviting online space where I could share my midwifery knowledge with women who were wanting to learn more about the journey ahead. Bumpnbub has now grown into something I am so proud of, a community where women support and encourage each other and a way of letting women know that they are never truly alone, no matter how isolating it may all feel. Bumpnbub started with an Instagram account and grew to include a Youtube Channel and a website. I also collaborate with like-minded motherhood or baby focused brands through my online channels, to educate my followers on some of the most sustainable, mum-friendly products on the market.