On January the 2nd of 2018 we welcomed into the world our precious Zoey Hope. 

Her name means life and man did she bring me back to life as a mamma! After suffering from a 3c tear with my first birth I was told to consider a c section for the 2nd birth.  3C tear recovery was an intense process. I had a referral to see a physio for the next 6 weeks. 

Each visit she would check my pelvic floor and increase the exercises for me to do. She was so passionate about her job which gave me confidence! I wish I could say healing was overnight but it took a good 3 months for me to feel comfortable in that area. 

I was still nervous to go to the bathroom, so pear juice helped. Intimacy didn’t happen for about 6 months poor hubby, haha but he was so supportive and patient throughout the whole ordeal. Being a first-time mum I never ever realized how debilitating and depressing it could be when you tear so badly. 

Not being able to just jump out of bed to pick up your crying baby, or bend or even sit for a whole month after birth. I thought I would never fully recover, however, as I learned the body knows what it’s doing.. be patient with yourself and let the healing happen at its own pace.

The thought of having another baby scared me so much...especially a c-section that was recommended. I was hoping for a natural birth because I knew what to expect... my pregnancy with Zoey was filled with anxiety and joy all at the same time. 

The thought of holding my baby in my arms was so joyful but birth consumed my mind with fear 24/7. After getting some valuable feedback from a midwife, I learnt about pelvic floor stretches and applying hot compress's as baby’s head is crowning to minimize tearing. 

I had an amazing team of midwives guide me through my 2nd birth. I had a natural birth with minimal tearing and recovery was amazing!! 

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