I never discredit a trusty piece of paper and a pen but these days, apps are SO much easier for tracking all things baby! New mamas and papas will tell you about the difficulty of remembering which breast they last fed from, when their baby last did a wee or poo and what baby weighed 3 days ago. It’s HARD, to say the least. Throw some hormones and sleep deprivation in and it is virtually impossible to remember what day it is. 

I always recommend new parents download an app to help them remember all of those critical numbers and notes in the first days and weeks! It also acts as such a beautiful keepsake and reminder. 

This lovely company, Wachanga, have created some incredible, helpful apps that help new parents feel in control and on top of things. I would love you to check out their amazing new app and see how beneficial it can be to your life and your babes! 

This awesome company wants to create the best possible version of their product (which I think is so cool). A little word from them: “Now, we’d love for you to objectively compare us to other applications, without mentioning them by name. The parameters for comparison are based on the convenience of tracking breastfeeding and other activities, statistics, etc.

If you would like to help, we can offer you one free month of “Gold Status" on the application which also means you can synchronize data between different users (relatives for example). So we’re able to improve the application and make it the best it can be, we’re asking for feedback (mistakes, problems, features users would like to see), to be emailed to team@wachanga.com"

The top features of this app are:

1) Diary for feeding your baby, with which you can:

+ track milk intake and with which breast you last fed baby from

+ take into account feeding from a bottle with formula

+ track the introduction of complementary foods - how much and what bub ate

+ count volume of milk in addition

2) Keeping track of diapers/output 

3) Keep track of the growth and weight of your baby.

4) You can track how well and how much your child sleeps.

5) The application has excellent statistics to keep you up to date and educated

6) Unlike paper notes, this calendar will always be with you, and will never be misplaced

Link to download the app: (https://bit.ly/2KTkyWp)

Picture credit: @amberfillerup

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