I am always honest with my daughter. It’s something both my partner & I knew we would be, even before she was born. We also talked about how we would live in harmony together, treating her exactly how we would want to be treated. As we listen to our instincts, trust our intuition and act accordingly you could naturally call this conscious parenting. 

Raising my daughter as a vegan is also in line with these beliefs. My daughter loves & adores animals, I never had to teach her that. Growing up around animals as a little girl I knew it was wrong to eat them, even when adults told me differently.

I am purely allowing my daughter to live aligned with her feelings. She knows that we don’t eat certain things because it comes from animals. I’m showing her that there is a kinder, healthier way to live. And she is thriving. I let my daughter’s health speak for itself. Her crystal clear eyes. Her perfect, glowing skin. Her bubbling energy that’s never dulled down by illness. 

I’ve felt so many changes within myself since living a vegan lifestyle. Not only does my body feel & look better than before but my mind is clearer, I feel lighter, free and my heart has opened up. Now that I show compassion to all living beings I feel it more than ever, as though I have so much MORE love & compassion to give. I am a better me in so many ways which allows me to also be a better mum. I can easily show patience & empathy to my daughter instead of judgment, always remembering how I felt in the same moments & treating her accordingly. 

It’s been challenging for me raising a vegan family because it’s outside the 'norm'. Most are challenged with and resist change.

We have to start unraveling the reconditioning that has been forced into our minds. Letting go of what we are told 'should be' & trust what we know aligns true in our hearts. We must stop imposing our rigid beliefs on our children, stay flexible if it’s not serving us. Allow them to see things for themselves & even more let them influence us. 

We treat our daughter like one of us because she is. Although she is little she will soon become a woman. If I treat her like a child that’s who she will believe herself to be. And so I talk to her & treat her like a respected woman so that she may grow, knowing that she is. Our children are our future.

Listen to your children & let them know their voice is powerful so that they will grow up knowing to speak up loud when it is important & that their voice is worth being heard. Foster that strength inside them & allow them to truely learn & grow. Raise them up & allow them to become even more than we did in whatever way they choose. May they know that they can make a difference in this world. 

There is no more spiritual being greater than a child. They are pure light & even if in our life our lights have been dimmed, it is up to us to allow our children’s lights to shine bright & in doing so maybe ours will shine bright again too! 

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