Still to this day I have a bag of “baby gifts” that lets be real, I don’t know if they are mine or my sisters but my mother told me they were special and dedicated to me so I kept them. They are impersonal and I have no real memory attached to them, but keep them nonetheless.

What about baby gifts that are personal and created specifically for that special little human?! Does that exist? This is where Namely Co. comes in. This gorgeous Australian brand (yes I love to support my home country!) creates HAND knitted baby gifts that include delicate, soft blankets, crib sheets, muslin wraps, cushions, keepsake boxes and...CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS!

As your baby or the beloved baby of a friend or family gets older, these creations will always be theirs. With their name beautifully woven in with love- what a gift!

Words cannot truly do these perfect creations justice. This gorgeous company sent me my very own Bumpnbub blanket and dear lord am I overwhelmed with love! Is it lame if I hang it on my wall? #askingforafriend Check out my stories to see how beautiful it is!

If you want to froth over gorgeous babies and beautifully created blankets on their Instagram, click here.

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