Hello beautiful mama!

Here at Bumpnbub, being a midwife and perinatal mental health specialist I am so passionate about talking with inspiring women to hear more about their personal and motherhood story. From conception, to pregnancy, to motherhood…

I am so excited to chat with you! Let’s dive in!

Can you please tell us a little bit about you?

My name is Gina, I am a clinical nutritionist & nurse but my greatest achievement is being a mother to my four beautiful children. 12 weeks, 3, 6 & 12 years.

Did you always know motherhood was for you? 

Yes, I couldn’t wait to be a mother, the busy house, big family meals & tiny humans sneaking into my bed in the night absolutely fills my heart. It’s such a privilege bringing life into the world & watching them grow into fabulous humans.

What are your little ones names and what do they mean / why did you choose them?

Dylan, means son of the sea, & funny enough he is literally like a fish in the water.

Isla, is a Scottish name. I loved this name well before I had children. 

Boston, I love the strength of this name & I also love that he gets called Boss or Boss man for short. 

Billie, our last little girl. Means strength & determination.

What do you believe to be the most beautiful thing about being a parent? 

The most beautiful thing about being a mother is loving something more than life its self. Having children opened a door in my heart that I never knew existed, the most magical love.

What is the hardest lesson motherhood has taught you? 

Wow, it’s taught me so much. It’s taught me to slow down, be patient, be present & see the world through the eyes of my children, where everything is beautiful. Children don’t worry of the past or things that haven’t happened in the future, they’re so present in this moment soaking up the wonders around them, I need to tap into this more often because where we are right now is all that matters. 

What would you tell your ‘brand-new-mama-self’ if you could go back in time?

I would give myself a tight hug and say be proud Gina.
Being the best mum you can be doesn’t mean being ‘perfect’ – there’s no such thing. 
Follow your intuition, listen to your heart and learn to ignore the critics. 
Do not let the judgement of others have a place in your mothering story. 
Give your baby the best of you, but also give yourself the same care. Be gentle to yourself, your going through huge changes physically, emotionally & spirituality.
There will be times when “good enough” parenting is all you can do to survive, and then there will be times when you thrive. 
Know that every stage will pass, & often all too quickly. 
The days can be long, but the years pass fast.
Motherhood will change you in ways you could never have predicted. It will challenge, reward and amaze you. It will exhaust, confront and enlighten you. It will stir up emotions within you that have a new origin. And it will most certainly be the greatest accomplishment of your life.
Be proud of yourself Gina, this little baby has chosen you. You are beginning the most beautiful journey of your life. 


How are you coping at the moment with all of the lockdowns? What is getting you through? 

Most days I’m great, but when people ask me if I have support I get an instant lump in my throat because my heart aches that my family cant be here & haven’t meet Billie yet. They’re in Australia so I don’t know when we will all be reunited, it will be magical when we are. Thank goodness for face time!

Where can we find and follow along on your journey? 

You can find me @nutritionbyginarose & www.nutritionbyginarose.com 

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