Most people will tell you that the busiest and most hectic time of their lives has been in the first 12 months of having their baby. Everything changes, right? Every routine, every daily activity, life does one big curveball flip and everything seems to be a little out of your depth, mixed with the utmost joy- that’s motherhood for you.

What if we could simplify things a little bit. You know that feeling when your babe was tucked away in your tummy, safe from the world, it was just you and them? What if you could recreate that harmonious and simple feeling all over again? (Don’t worry, I am not suggesting another pregnancy or somehow getting your baby back into that belly)!

Let me introduce to a brand that does just that, and more: Mumma Etc. This elegant, and minimalistic brand creates the most heavenly wraps that do just that. They create a cocoon of happiness and safety for you and your little one to enjoy this oh so precious time that is flying by!

You know how everyone who has babies talks about the prams, the endless bags the breastfeeding pillows the covers… and more that need to be brought along for babes outings? What if that was simplified. What if, all you needed was a (stunning) sling, that you could throw on in seconds, that supports and promotes breastfeeding minus all that extra stuff?

Mumma Etc. creates a calm feeling, in let's be honest an often large, reckless storm of parenthood. With their neutral colours, soft, natural linen all handwoven on a loom, you might just find you need every colour available to mankind.

It gets better, these rad little slings not only work from babyhood but right through to toddlers. That means, that fussy toddler that wants to walk one minute and refuses to have the pram brought along, can be simply put in the sling when the fun of walking has dampened their little personalities. That easy Mumma’s!

These stunning slings are not only insanely stylish, they are also lightweight and cool. There are so many heavy and hot slings out there, so this is a breath of fresh air (literally)! As Mumma Etc. say’s best, with a calm and happy babe in a sling, you have two hands to ... Well, put eloquently ‘Get sh*t done’!

My ongoing obsession for everything babywearing leads me to believe that you already know all about the benefits of wearing your babe, such as regulated sleeping, less crying, more successful breastfeeding rates, better milk supply, keeping baby’s temperature regulated promoting bonding… ah the list goes on.

Scroll down through some of the most calm, gorgeous photos and tell me you don’t need every colour of every ring sling that you can see here…. #inlove


Instagram: Mumma_etc

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