My total labour was 7 hours, natural birth, no pain medication, and healthy happy baby.  Birthing my human was the most incredible experience of my entire life. 

I was woken up at 3AM to what I originally thought was “I peed the bed”, which honestly I wouldn’t put past me since I was so incredibly exhausted and had already gotten up 6-8 times to pee. I changed, got back into bed, and then realized at 4AM that I definitely did not wet the bed, my water had broke. 

I woke up Gerardo, smiling cheek to cheek, “Gerardo wake up, I think my water broke.”

Gerardo jumped out of bed faster than I could say baby!  What a special time for the two of us, sharing the excitement in that moment.  We called the hospital, and to my luck my doctor was working. Contractions hadn’t started, which meant I could take some time getting to the hospital. I took a quick shower, grabbed our already packed bags and some last minute items, covered my car seat with a garbage bag and headed to the hospital.  As we were on our way my body started contracting (we lived at the time exactly 5 minutes from the hospital). As each contraction came over my body, I started my ritual breathing, creating a mental space of confidence and hearing myself say, “contractions are sensations”. 

I was not officially omitted due to some tests needed to be ran until 5:30AM. 

I set up by salt lamp, got the lavender out, and we turned on some fun music.  As each contraction overcame me, Gerardo and I embraced each contraction by dancing. For those that do not know, Gerardo and I met while I was taking latin dance lessons, as dancing is incredibly close to our hearts because it’s the foundation of our relationship. We swayed and moved, while I took controlled and deep breaths. Embracing each contraction as what it was, “my body doing what it was supposed to do to bring my girl into the world”.  As contractions became stronger our swaying turned more into Gerardo embracing and holding my entire weight. At this time my family arrived, I allowed my sisters and mom into the room.  They of course immediately sprung into action, stood where necessary, offered Gerardo water when needed, placed my pre-made personal “Words of Confidence” in front of me when needed, and so much more.  As my family supported Gerardo, I want to talk about the absolute force Gerardo was.  Through the entire process Gerardo listened to every cue I gave him, I barely opened my mouth to talk. 

I just had to point, moan, and look at him a certain way and he was there.  He not once annoyed me, frustrated me, or upset me. I have never been more proud to call him my partner and father of our child.  

Advice: Gerardo and I spent many hours discussing our plan and my advocating exactly what I needed from him, no matter how silly it sounded, every minute spent discussing was so very worth it because of the outcome we had.

At around 7:30AM I had already dilated to 7cm, which meant I was moving along fast.  The nurse rushed in the doctor and all the baby necessities. What seemed like just 30 minutes ended up being 3 hours. At around 11:40AM I was fully dilated.  It was at this point, the pain was so incredibly intense that I voiced to my support team, “I am scared”, because it was at this point I had an honest thought of whether or not I could sustain any more pain.  They all expressed beautiful words of encouragement, which gave me that last bit of strength I needed to fully dilate.  I asked my nurse to check me once more, I needed to know how much longer I needed to sustain a strong mind. 

I was dilated to 9.5cm, I was at the finish line, I was doing it. 

At that moment the most incredible thing happened, my body started pushing, the doctor stated I was 10cm and that “we are having a baby!”  My body knew that it was time, and I listened. I knew my girl was almost here, and that I was and could do it.  As each contraction overwhelmed my body I pushed harder then I knew was possible. Gerardo was holding my left leg while our amazing nurse held my right leg.  Gerardo supported me with every push, expressing words of encouragement, and once Hunter started to crown he cried.  I could see her head and I knew she would be in my arms within 2-3 contractions (could have been more, this is where my memory starts to fade), nothing motivated me more than that moment. Last push, and Hunter entered into our big world. Immediately per instruction she was placed on my naked chest, as skin to skin was extremely important to me.  I whispered to Gerardo, “she is here”. 

Looking at her for the first time, was euphoric. 

I was filled with pride, happiness, relief, excitement, and so much love. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as I couldn’t believe I was blessed with such an incredible human and soul. Hunter came into the world alert and ready for this adventure we call life.

I would do it again and again, and I look forward to sharing my next birth story.

My advice, envision yourself everyday having the birth you desire, enjoy every moment, feel not fear the “sensations”, and remember that the pain felt is your body bringing your most incredible gift into the world.

You are capable, you are a force, and you can do this. Most importantly, dance.

Beautiful birth story by the gorgeous @jesswadventure

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