Self Care Sunday: 10 Ways to Simply Relax

Finding time as a new mama to do anything for yourself, or even as an already established mama, is so important - but it can be really difficult to come by. But there's something you should know: there is nothing wrong with you taking some time out for yourself, to recharge and relax. You shouldn't ever feel guilty for doing so! After all, you are a human too, and you deserve to enjoy life as much as anybody else. 

Today, we want to put the emphasis on why it's so important, and also, give you a few helpful ideas as to how you might be able to find that time and some ideas in which you can enjoy anywhere from 5 minutes to an entire hour alone, doing something just for you. 


Exercising and working out can really give you a boost emotionally as well as physically. Exercising releases endorphins, the feel good hormones within your brain, and also helps you to feel more confident, energised, happy, and relaxed. Whether you do a HIIT workout for 10 minutes or a bout of Pilates for 30, find the time everyday to work on you - because you're worth it. I know, I know its the LAST thing you want to do most days but I promise you, nobody ever regretted a workout!

Take a Hot Bath

If you're like most moms, you can be found lusting after the memory of days gone by where you could take a long, wonderful bubble bath and actually sit in the water while it was hot, enjoying every lovely minute. Well, it's time to make that happen for you again, mama. Draw yourself that bath, add extra bubbles, and enjoy a 15-30 minute soak at naptime or when everyone is asleep. Go crazy and light a candle while you're at it. You deserve it!

Read a Good Book

It's not often mums get to read anything other than Dr. Seuss, but it's time to find a book you're interested in, and make time to read it. While the baby or kids nap, spend 30 minutes to an hour getting into a good book - longer if you're able. Make a hot cup of tea to go along with it and you've got yourself a party. A tea party, that is.

Take a Walk

A brisk walk or even a slow, leisurely walk can really help improve your mood and help you to feel calm and re-centered. Early morning walks or just around dusk are the prettiest kind, and will give you a new mindset for the remainder of the day.

Listen to Music...and Belt Your Heart Out!

When was the last time you really cranked up the radio and sang your heart out? Have yourself a little karaoke party in the car while your significant other watches the kids, drive around town, turn up that music and sing your lungs out! Grab a coffee while you're out from your favorite coffee shop and you'll really be in heaven!

Watch a Movie

When the little ones have gone to bed, find a good movie and snuggle up to your honey - or even sit by yourself with a favorite snack - and indulge. There's nothing like finding a good escape. And don't settle for watching something you don't truly enjoy. If you have to, plan your movie night ahead of time so you can be sure you'll be able to watch something you're into. Having your mind completely consumed (as TV and movies do so well) can help you feel recharged.

Start a Journal

If you haven't already begun a journal to get all of your thoughts, hopes, and dreams from your brain to paper, now would be a great time to do so. You will love it! Write in it when you're happy, sad, depressed, hopeful and any plans you want to make so you won't forget. It will be interesting to reflect back on throughout the years. If you feel self conscious or are not into writing down all of the above, choose a different route. Write letters to your baby that one day they’ll read and treasure!

Take a Nap

If you're tired, sleep! There is no shame in taking a nap when the baby takes one. The housework you were planning on doing can wait until after you've woken up and feel more energised. It's not going anywhere. Feel free to rest! Listen to your body and give it the rest it needs to be in optimal condition to care for your little one!

Call a Friend

Sometimes a friendly voice is all it takes to cheer you up and make you feel renewed. Give a friend a phone call for a few minutes and talk about things that make you happy.

Do Something That Makes You Laugh

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Whether you watch funny videos, listen to someone tell you jokes or a funny story, or make silly faces at your baby and make them laugh, which in turn will make you laugh, it's all good for you and you should participate in this one as much as possible!

Whatever you decide to do, do it with all you've got - because this is your special time to feel alive. Use it wisely, mama. A great idea is to pencil this 'me' time into your planner or put it into your calendar. You can even have your phone send you a notification that it's your time, so you can be sure to actually take that time for yourself every single day. It's necessary. Enjoy life, mama, because it's also about you. 

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Photo from the amazing Jenna Kutcher.

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