1) Listen to yourself more than others, there is such a thing as a natural instinct, so use it, You know best. 

2) Don’t compare your postpartum body to your pre-baby body. It's not the same no matter what, you grew a human!

3) Continue to show love for your husband, he helped create the baby too. 

4) Grace lots of grace, for yourself and the baby! 

5) Remember the baby is entering this new world for the first time, give the baby time to adjust and learn. 

6) It is okay if you can’t sleep while the baby sleeps, don't stress over this. 

7) It’s okay for the dishes to pile up and for your house to be messy enjoy your baby. Time flies by so quickly.

8) Ask for help, even if you hate to, DO IT!

9) Be thankful for everything. Find reasons to be thankful. Motherhood is hard and sometimes not rewarding but perspective helps and having a thankful heart and mind is key. 

10) Your body was created to do this very thing. Literally. The power of being a woman. Trust your body, it’s got you covered ;)


Let us know your top ten tips mama's <3