This is the birth story of Adelaide 

My due date was January 14th and I was so excited for it to come, I was told I would have to be induced as I was measuring ahead since 12 weeks. I didn’t have gestational diabetes I exercised and ate healthy during my pregnancy, this was my second baby girl. My first baby was 9 pounds 14 ounces, so we expected Adelaide to be in the 10 pound area for weight. My midwife told me to wait and see if I would go into labour by myself. By January 17th I told my midwife I wanted to be induced, that I don’t want to wait any longer.

I had been doing exercise’s from ‘spin babies’ as this little girl was sunny side up (posterior) and I was trying to turn her, I was also taking birth prep classes.

January 18th, at 9:30am we met at one of the hospitals to get the cervadil put in, to hopefully induce labour. We stayed there for an hour and light contractions showed on the monitor. We were able to go home by 11am, I used the birthing ball and my hubby massaged labour oil into my back. By 1pm, I decided to go lay down to try and catch some sleep, we didn’t know if I would go into hard labour right away, at 2:45pm I woke up to my water breaking! I called for my hubby and he took me to the bathroom where I jumped into the shower and then, came a strong contraction and huge gush of water. I lost the cervadil pessary and I knew this was it!

We were going to have a baby today!! I called my midwife and mom and dropped my eldest daughter off at my aunt and uncles place. When we arrived at the birth centre it was 4 pm, I was 3cm dilated and every time I contracted, more water came out (so much water!!) I tried different labour positions, all of them involved being on my feet or on my knees over the birth ball. I tried using the hypnobirthing technique and put myself into a meditative state while breathing threw the contractions, I felt everything!

I felt her moving down and all the muscles working together.

I kept saying positive affirmations out loud the midwife had the bath running and told me I need to be 6 cm to get in. At 6:04pm I was checked again and was 6 1/2 cm dilated, I went into the tub and the hot water relieved so much pain! Then about 6:45pm I felt like I needed to poop, so I went to the bathroom and tried to poop between contractions but nothing was coming out. I felt a lot of pressure in my lower back and bum area so my sister got the midwives, they wanted to check me again. My mom was helping me walk over to the bed but I felt another contraction coming on, I called for my hubby and grabbed onto his shoulder except with this contraction came a head crowning. I leaned into my hubby, wrapped one arm around his neck and his shoulder, with my other arm and beared down.

I pushed her head out while standing then I felt the birthing stall, they moved me to the bed where I went on all fours.

I beared down and pushed her again. One shoulder was stuck, but the midwife acted quickly then all of a sudden with a huge push she came out! A huge gush of water behind her! I pushed for 10 minutes and she was born at 7:07pm. The midwife told me to lean down and grab my baby!! As she was put between my legs, I reached down and grabbed her and cried and held her. She was finally here and she was so perfect!! After resting and cleaning up a bit they took her to be weighed and measured, my family crowded over to see what the weight and height was. 11pounds 3 ounces!! 55cm long! I didn’t believe them at first! Then the midwives that were there were buzzing about how big my placenta was. I took it home with me and got it made into capsules, the lady that did the capsules was in awe over my placenta! She said a placenta usually makes 80-140 capsules, well mine made 279 capsules.

And that is the birth story of baby Adelaide.

Beautiful story by @bri_bevis1717

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