Becoming a Mother is a huge pivotal moment in a woman's life. 

I am sure that for some, this momentous time can be followed by feelings of insecurity, confusion, and loss of self. 

That is why I am truly grateful for the spectacular transition from Maiden to Mother that I have experienced over the last 18 months (pregnancy to 9 months old) because I know that not all women have this same experience.

For me; Motherhood has led me to a part of myself I had yet to discover. 

It led me to my higher power and through this helped me uncover the truest version of myself.

I always knew that becoming a Mother was going to be my prominent calling. In my late teens and early twenties whilst backpacking around the world; I dreamt of falling pregnant to an exotic man and coming home to Australia to raise the baby by myself. 

Ever since I was a little girl I have felt this IMMENSE calling to motherhood, to carry my own in my womb - and I always knew this dream would become my reality sooner rather than later in my life.

When I finally came back to Australia and met my partner, I knew he would be the father of my children.

Together we created a being whom would, of course, change us both forever.

Pregnancy and birth opened me up to an awakening I hope all humans will receive at some point in their lives.

There is nothing quite like growing and birthing your own seedling, and watching them blossom into the blooming flower you just knew they would be!

I remember thinking to myself when pregnant with my son; “At this current moment, I hold to hearts within my singular body… who could love more than a woman with 2 hearts?”

… the answer? The women that person becomes once the second heart leaves their physical body. A mother. It truly is a love like no other.

My son is also coincidentally what made me finally shut the door on a diet that I just did not have the heart to promote to my children. 

He is what made me finally say enough. 

Because I cannot hide from parenthood. I cannot “excuse” my behavior, habits or health decisions to a toddler, a child, or a teenager.

I realized I was sick of the excuses I had been telling myself for all those years.

Whilst I have been extremely healthy (much healthier than your average Australian) I, like others, still dabbled in things like butter, cheese, and the occasional gelato because “why not?”.

I had been vegetarian since I was 19 and after my son was born I started to really question WHY I couldn’t say no to buttery toast, goats cheese with avocado and the vanilla ice cream instead of the sorbet. 

I have watched all the documentaries and read all the articles, yet I still couldn’t cut the crap - because the “excuses” I made in my mind and spoke aloud were holding me away from following through with what I KNEW was right for me and my family.

But the thing about parenthood is that you are opened to a world where your actions speak not only for you but your children. And I could not allow my child to be responsible for taking the nutrients that are so desperately needed, away from another small being (calf/lamb)… I will not be the one to break the bonds between mothers and children.

“Veganism is not a limitation in anyway; it is an expansion of your love, your commitment to nonviolence, and your belief in justice for all.” - Gary L. Francione

Entering parenthood, I knew my ideas and beliefs would rub off on my little ones. 

Our children love us unconditionally and mimic everything we do - what we eat, how we speak, who we trust.

We are their worlds, they trust our judgment, they idolize our mannerisms and they follow our examples.

My baby has taught me how to purely BE, how to surrender and how to stop looking blindly and SEE… 

I will be the strong women that my children need me to be, and for the mothers in this world that perhaps cannot escape the cruelty they are enduring.

Because being a mother is my JOB, my absolute ALL - and I will give it everything I’ve got.

For my children, for their planet, and for me - I will continue to be the truest and highest version I can be.

Are you with me?


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