It was a Friday night and I was getting ready to settle down to sleep, when my waters broke. I was not due to give birth for another two weeks. I always thought my first baby would come late, so this was very surprising. I called my doctor, and he told me to have a shower and go to bed, as my contractions would start relatively soon. I went to bed and woke up surprisingly rested, as I hadn’t experienced any contractions. The doctor called to check up on me and I let him know that I still had not had any contractions. It was at this point that I was told to come in to hospital, as I needed to be induced. This was completely unexpected.

I never thought that this would happen to me, my birth plan went right out the window.

I have heard that being induced can bring on contractions fast and strong, so I asked my doctor to get me ready for an epidural before I was given the induction medication. The epidural was a small part of my birth plan. At this point, I still had not felt any pain. I got ready, grabbed my bags and headed to the hospital. I was very excited because I knew that I would finally be meeting my baby. It all happened at the best time because on the night my water broke, I had fitted the car seat and just finished work. It was crazy timing!

When I arrived at the hospital, I was greeted by the loveliest nurses and doctors, and I was taken to the delivery room. I was assigned the most caring and educated midwife. I count myself so blessed to have had such a wonderful midwife.


A few hours later I hadn’t dilated at all, we waited a few more hours and I still hadn’t progressed. At that point, I started to clot a lot, so the doctor suggested that I undergo a c-section, because the baby’s heart rate started to slightly drop during the contractions. It was completely out of the blue and very far off my birth plan. I never expected to have a c-section. I just never thought it would happen to me. I honestly wished I had been a bit more educated on the matter. Nevertheless, I was very well taken care of, and I still hadn’t experienced any pain. My baby came out healthy and happy, and that was the main goal.

Turns out my placenta had detached, and this caused my waters to break. I was very lucky that I was in good hands.

Overall, induction was something that worked well for me, because it resulted in me experiencing no pain during the birth. I truly admire, and feel inspired by women who give birth with no pain intervention. However, I don’t deal well with pain well and I knew that this would be the best course for me.

In the end I had a baby, and nothing is more beautiful and special than that.

Special thanks to the wonderful @ssaraalsaiegh (Sara) for sharing her story.