Once my Baby turned 3 months old it was time to meet her grandparents, in Egypt. It was June and the temperature reached up to 45 degrees celsius. Before we started our trip I spoke to a lactation consultant and my midwife to make sure that my baby would have the most comfortable trip I could give her. Little did I know, we are going to face a hard time there, especially related to breastfeeding.

My baby was not used to the heat at all and I was breastfeeding every 45 minutes!

I was happy about that, because I had been so scared the whole time that she wouldn’t drink enough. But what no one told me before, was that as a first time mum you tend to get advice from everyone regarding everything (especially in-laws).

As a first time mum, you get so insecure!

Especially in the situation I was in, I tried to make my daughter as comfortable as possible in this completely new environment. It started at day 1, I was told I breastfeed too much and that my baby needs water because “breastmilk is not enough” and her “brain will be damaged if I don't get her to drink water” and that “she is taking all my nutrition away which is unhealthy”.

A firm ‘NO’ on water from my side, this was not an option for my baby, so my in-laws went and got me a baby bottle anyway…

Me trying to explain that breastmilk has more than 80% water, and I am sure that my daughter is fine was met by comments like “this is how doctors over here tell us to do it” or “how can I possible be so sure about that”. After they figured out that I was dead serious about sticking to only breastmilk the conversations about me ‘damaging my child's brain growth’ and other parenting related stuff I did wrong in their eyes got too much, I finally ended up having a nervous breakdown.

Thank God my husband was my rock and defended me, in this already difficult situation and eventually it stopped. Now, 11 months later we are here again and our breastfeeding journey is still going strong and you can imagine how often I am hearing the word ‘weaning’. My baby girl turned out to be the happiest, healthiest little sunshine you can imagine, and she was exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of her life! So mommas put your foot down and stick to what you believe in, its worth it!

(Add on: Don't get me wrong I love my in-laws, and they only mean good).

Beautiful words by the gorgeous mama @yum_1901

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