Tips for pumping mamas!

There are so many reasons a woman will pump after she has given birth. Here are some reasons why:

  • To increase supply

  • Baby isn’t with mum

  • By choice as mum doesn’t want to breastfeed

  • Baby is sick and in the NICU & loadssss more. 

Here is some more information to help pumping that bit easier:

Skin to skin when possible:

Having your baby skin to skin with you, promotes the hormone oxytocin which helps your milk supply to regulate and increase. It also promotes bonding, regulates bubs temperature and heart rate as well as soothes and calms baby (as they are used to hearing your heartbeat).

Look at a picture of baby when pumping

For my lovely mama’s who have babies in the NICU or have to go back to work before their milk supply is established, this is so important to continue to produce your milk making hormones. I often get women to take videos of their babies and watch just before + during pumping and your body will react with the ‘let down reflex’. 

Have a routine

The same as breastfeeding, pumping works through supply and demand, the more you extract the more you make. Pump every 3-4 hours to establish and keep up a good milk supply. 

Stay hydrated

Like breastfeeding, mama must stay hydrated to produce milk. Keep a bottle of water handy at all times and aim to drink between 2-3 litres everyday. Other hydrating drinks such as coconut water and electrolytes are a great option. 

Use an electric double pump to save time

They save soooo much time! Pumping for 10-15 minutes total is so much easier then one breast at a time. Manual pumps can be great but if you are exclusively pumping I would recommend an electric one. 

Educate yourself antenatally + have a GREAT pump 

This is so important. If you plan to provide your baby breast-milk, educate yourself on breastfeeding and pumping. Even if you don’t think you will express, you may need to. In the first few days it’s important to know how to hand express (more on this in another post) but education truly is everything when it comes to breastfeeding (actually anything pregnancy and motherhood related). Having a great pump is so important!

Ask around, ask in mothers groups get recommendations and go from there. 

Have a good labelling system for milk

This is very important for safety and hygiene reasons. Breast Milk only lasts a certain amount of time and should not be given to a baby outside of those times, have a good system for labelling milk with date and time of when it was pumped. 

Pump straight into bottles 

This one isn’t for everyone but it can be so handy, pump straight into bottles, and it is ready to go! 

Believe you’re a milk making goddess!

Cause damn girl, you are!!

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