Now, I know I go on and on about a few topics, largely breastfeeding and new motherhood combined with sustainable living- two of my biggest passions. When I came across this amazing brand, created in New Zealand I was way too excited. 

I am going to link this video here of if i’m honest, the coolest most practical and innovative breast pump I have ever seen- watch now and then keep reading to find out more! 

This beautiful family owned company lives and breathes love, created by a mother specifically for the needs of her daughter. The name alone is something that I have fallen in love with. The name ‘Haakaa’ is taken from Haka a traditional Maori dance meaning 'Be a strong fighter, find strength by choosing to smile through whatever challenges life brings'. 

This amazing company uses only sustainable and high quality materials such as glass, stainless steel, bamboo and food-grade / medical-grade silicone, helping to preserve the planet for the future of our little ones.

So, how does the Generation 3 pump work? Its a hands free manual pump. Once mama is done pumping, the lid’s are interchangeable and transformable (magic, I know). The bottle you JUST pumped into can become a baby bottle, a feeding spoon dispenser, a sippy straw bottle for older bubs or a storage container…. SAY WHAT?! Talk about convenience. You know all of those items you buy when your babes a newborn and you think you’ll get heaps of use out of it but in actual fact, you use it for 3 months and they outgrow it? Yep, me too. 

That is why I LOVE this company. This product literally grows and adapts as your baby changes from a newborn to an infant to a toddler. 

There is even a temperature test straw if you are reheating milk. This is the kind of company that made their products with the utmost love and with their customers (new mama’s) in mind. Don’t take my word for it though, this pump won “Baby Innovation Award” in the Netherlands and The Innovation Award Finalist in Germany at the Kind + Jugend all this year! #Gamechanger. 

Keep your eye out for a something exciting this week as we collaborate with this awesome brand to give one of you lovely followers a Generation 3 breast pump!

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