Hi everyone, let me introduce myself! My name is Jayla, I’m an 18 year old mommy, to my beautiful baby girl Myla Rayne. I graduated High School in August of 2017. A few months later, in December I started talking to a guy who in my eyes, is a dream come true. He was and is everything I could’ve ever imagined and more. After months of talking, and enjoying our time as best friends, we made it official and finally put a title on our relationship in April of 2018. A few short months later, on June 11th (3 days after my 18th birthday) we found out I was carrying our little bundle of joy. Of course, my initial reaction was fear. Fear that I wouldn’t be able to give my baby the life it deserved. Fear that I wouldn’t be a good mother. Fear of what people would say or think...and the list goes on. In all of that fear, I still found happiness. Happiness that I was carrying the gift of life inside me, that I was chosen for a time such as this, that I was hand picked to be this babies Mommy. I then knew that I would do whatever it took to give my baby the best life possible. I would go to the ends of the earth to see my baby succeed in life. Right then, I took the title of “Mommy” and have worn it proudly ever since. 

I had an amazing pregnancy experience to say the least.

None of your typical symptoms such as morning sickness (yuck!). However, I was 100% convinced I was carrying a boy. I had that gut feeling, what I thought was a “mom instinct”, but boy was I wrong!! On August 25th,  2018 we found out we were having a baby GIRL! Saying we were shocked is an understatement. I was ecstatic! From that second on, we’ve been all about big bows, sparkles, glitter, and everything pink!! I finally got my “mini me”. 

I managed to get through 32 weeks of pregnancy without a single complication. However, before I knew it the appointments were weekly, the hospital visits were frequent, and I turned into a nervous wreck. I had blood pressures as high as 180/112 (scary right?). All I knew to do was pray, pray that my little girl would stay in there a few weeks longer so she was healthy and strong. I had an amazing doctor who made sure we were safe, and healthy. Who helped me keep her in her snug little home for 38 weeks. Before I knew it, the day had arrived. Finally, after each week of longing to see her face the day had come. 

I was admitted to Marietta Memorial Hospital to be induced.

As much as I wish I could’ve went into labor on my own, I knew this was the best option. All my nerves were shot, as I began to feel every emotion that’s humanly possible. Slowly but surely, they started getting everything prepped and ready for my girls big arrival. The hours flew by and before I knew it pitocin had been started, my water had been broke, and the contractions were REAL. My plan all along was to have a complete natural birth, to let my body do its own thing. Well, that didn’t last long! I felt about 6 good contractions and was begging for all the meds I could get! I knew I wanted to enjoy this experience and without it I wouldn’t have been able to. I had my wonderful boyfriend, and my mama by my side through it all! Without them I’m not quite sure I could’ve done it. They were the best support I could’ve ever asked for. From listening to me complain, to trying to make me as comfortable as possible they never left my side. For that, I am forever grateful. 

After 9 short hours in active labor, nothing could prepare me for the words “it’s time”.

The feelings I was experiencing in those moments are indescribable. The time had come, I was FINALLY going to meet my baby! Her daddy’s face was priceless. Nothing short of panic, fear, and LOVE. With him by my side, and my Mom holding my hand, praying for a safe delivery it was go time....about 12 minutes later THERE SHE WAS. In that moment, her cry was the most beautiful noise I had ever heard. Her warm little purplish body laid there on my chest, as I cried probably harder than her. She was more beautiful than I ever imagined. I had felt a love I’ve never known. In an instant, she was my whole world. 

She is currently 14 weeks old, and is hands down the best part of my entire life.

My wonderful boyfriend works anywhere from 70-90 hours a week just to make it possible for me to be a stay-at-home mommy with my girl! We’re forever grateful for all of his hard work! We’ve conquered breastfeeding and are still going strong!! My little beauty is as healthy as ever, weighing in at 14 lbs and 2 ounces, of complete cuteness! She is already the sassiest , sweetest, happiest little lady you’d ever meet! She makes me PROUD to call her mine! We love her more than anything in this world! I love being her Mommy and wouldn’t change a single thing. “Mama” wasn’t my first name, but it’ll forever be my favorite! 

With love, beautiful mama @jayla_marie351

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