We've all heard them: different myths, legends, superstitions and stories about pregnancy, and what they might mean regarding the gender of your baby alongside a slew of other interesting things. Today, we wanted to discuss some of those interesting, funny, and downright weird pregnancy myths, and what the stories are behind them. Be reminded this list is just for fun, and in no way are any of these legends actually true. Let's take a look!

If You're Having a Boy, Prepare For Your Nose to Grow Wide

The legend goes that if you're having a boy, your nose will grow wider and may stay that way after birth, or it may go back to the way it was pre-pregnancy. 

Girls Are Carried Higher; Boys Are Carried Lower

It's said that if you're pregnant with a boy, you tend to carrier lower, while if you're pregnant with a girl, you tend to carry higher and also, carry more weight around the sides in the 'love handle' region.

Craving Sweets? Expect A Girl; Dying for Salt, You're Having a Boy

As it says, if you crave things that are sweet, such as candy, fruit or ice cream, you'll be expecting a girl, while if you're having a boy, you're likely to crave salty snacks or proteins.

The Cabbage Trick to Predict Gender

A simple trick that some people swear by is to boil a head of red cabbage that's been cut up into chunks. Strain the liquid and reserve it in a clear cup. Take a picture of the color. Then, pee into a separate clear cup and mix equal parts cabbage liquid and urine. If your mixture stays the same color, chances are likely you're having a girl. If the mixture changes color to red or pink, you're having a boy.

Swing a Ring on a String

Old wives tales say that you can predict baby's gender by putting your wedding ring on a string, and dangling over your belly. If the ring swings side to side, expect a girl. If the ring swings in circles, expect a boy.

Extreme Mood Swings = Girl

When you're pregnant, you're generally moody off and on as it is due to hormonal fluctuations. But when you're pregnant with a girl, it's multiplied due to the excess hormones from both mom and baby girl. 

Extreme Morning Sickness = Girl

Some people swear this one is true: if you're having a girl, be prepared for more morning sickness than if you were to be expecting a boy. Another part to this says if you experience strong morning sickness, you have a healthy pregnancy. Perhaps count it as a blessing?

Girls Steal Your Beauty, Boys Make You More Beautiful

It's said that if you're having a girl, they will steal your beauty and you will wind up with acne, dry hair that becomes brittle, and dry skin. Boys on the other hand will give you great skin, lush, shiny hair and a beautiful glow.

Don't Lift Your Hands Over Your Head!

This one is weird, and even creepy. This legend goes that if you are pregnant, you should never lift your hands over your head because the cord could become wrapped around baby's neck. This couldn't be further from the truth! Many a pregnant woman has lifted her hands over her head and baby survived just fine!

Don't Go Outside During an Eclipse When Pregnant

This is yet again another weird pregnancy myth that states if an expectant mother is to go outside during a solar eclipse, her baby will be born with facial deformities such as cleft lip or palate. Again, this couldn't be further from the truth. You should always exercise caution when going outside during any eclipse due to it affecting your vision, but it will not cause harm to your unborn baby's face. Promise.