There are few things in life that are as joyous as finding out you are expecting a baby. Nothing can quite prepare you for that first moment you hear the news, or see the results pop up on a test. Some women wait and struggle for years before finally being able to receive the good news. For others, it’s a much easier feat. 

The words, ‘You’re Pregnant!’ are unlike any other words you will ever hear again - and the joy we get from being able to tell those we love so that they may share in our joy is so unmatchable to anything we will ever get to do again. That’s why, in today’s blog, we’ve put together some of the most creative ideas for revealing the good news to family, friends, and coworkers - so that when the time comes, you will be able to do something memorable to commemorate the great news. 

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Letter boards are all the rage in 2019 - and what better way to shoot a cute and creative pregnancy announcement pic than by utilising the one you’ve already got? Make for a cute and personalised pic by including sonogram photos, your positive test, some flowers and or a teddy bear, and any other personal touches to make this idea your own.


In light of all of the recent Superhero films that have seemingly taken over the TV and theaters, a fun superhero announcement - either from a sibling or even mom and dad - is a fun, cute, and memorable way to break the news to family and friends on social media.

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What better way to announce the coming bundle of joy than to have their soon-to-be-bestie make the announcement? Including your pup or kitty in the photo (or both, if you’ve got them!) is a surefire way to gain lots of ‘ooh’s’ and ‘awww’s from everyone who sees this cute, cuddly pic!

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This is the cutest! The idea of mom and dad’s birthday scrawled across their shoes, and baby’s due date scrawled across what will be their shoes is just so adorable. Include your first sonogram pics and you’ve got yourself the perfect baby announcement photo!

No matter how you choose to announce your baby’s impending arrival, whether it’s through imagery or a creative phone call, or an in-person announcement of some sort, one thing’s for sure: there will be joy to be found all around. Babies have a way of changing people and bringing light into the world. Enjoy relishing in this moment! It’s your time to shine. Own it!

How did you announce your pregnancy? We would love to hear!