Waterbirth, if you ask most midwives will say, they are “pure magic”. 

Did you know that you can labour or give birth in a tub or pool, immersed in nice hot water, in whatever position feels best? A different kind of pool party, but welcome to being a parent!

Your midwife will generally encourage you to hop into the bath once you are in established labour (more than 4cm) or feeling like you aren’t coping anymore. The bath can be a haven and give you some respite to keep going. 

Being immersed in water relaxes the body and we know from research that the first and second stages of labour are actually shorter when women are in water (hallelujah)! 

Giving birth in water results in less intervention, meaning you have more chance of a natural birth with no episiotomy, less tearing during birth, it is a calm entrance for baby, mum requires less pain relief to get her through labour and birth and women are more satisfied with their birth experience. I know right, you want to jump in now! 

Hospitals all have policies surrounding waterbirth, so chat to your midwife or OB in advance if you like the idea of one!

If you are like me, and water relaxes you… I strongly suggest you give it a try in labour even if you are skeptical. Here are some awesome research articles if you want to keep reading!